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Android is Google’s mobile operating system, launched in September 2008, although its history technically began with the release of the Android alpha in November 2007.

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Android Stories Today

Last year, Android 10 let users limit an application’s location access to only when it’s actively in use. Android 11 later this year builds on that with one-time access, as well as a new Google Play policy that requires “developers get approval if they want to access location data in the background.”

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Google Contacts update finds people not saved to your account in search

Google makes it pretty easy to house all of your contacts in a single location, but sometimes you’ll still shoot emails off to people you don’t have saved or vice versa. Now, Google is making it easier to track down “other” contacts with the latest update to Google Contacts for Android.

Spotify is one of the most-used music streaming platforms out there, and now, it’s finally getting a highly requested feature. After some small rollouts over the past few months, Spotify is adding song lyrics to its Android app, and on iOS, too.

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Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, has announced that it’s bringing a private VPN to Android, Chromebook, and Windows as a standalone service.

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Android Stories Yesterday

Back in January, Google laid out a three-month roadmap for Stadia. The first platform update sees the game streaming service become available on the latest Samsung Galaxy phones, and drop its Pixel exclusivity.

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LG’s mid-range K-Series gets punch-hole screens, better cameras, USB-C for 2020

LG hasn’t been seeing a ton of success on the high-end, but the company’s mid-range Android smartphones do fairly well in that competitive market. Now, LG is refreshing its K-Series smartphones for 2020 with new specs and features.

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