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Samsung Stories February 14

Samsung’s second foldable hits the market today, and the new device gives us a lot to be excited about. So, are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

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Being the biggest Android OEM, Samsung and Google are generally close partners. Google’s Project Zero, though, is tasked with finding bugs and security exploits. This week, Google is calling out Samsung for an issue on the Galaxy A50, specifically mentioning Samsung’s “unnecessary changes” to Android’s core kernel.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Z Flip was the star of the show at Unpacked earlier this week and today, it’s officially launched! If you were hoping to try and get your hands on one, though, you’ll probably run into some trouble as the Galaxy Z Flip has already sold out in many places.

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Samsung Stories February 13

Samsung’s new battery banks have 25W charging, dual USB-C ports, wireless charging

Portable battery banks are a great way to keep your phone topped off on a long day of use, and alongside its latest smartphones, Samsung has quietly introduced some new options. Samsung’s latest battery banks offer 25W fast charging and have two USB-C ports too.

Samsung Stories February 12

One of the biggest upgrades Samsung has made to the Galaxy S20 series is that every model supports 5G. In the US, we’re only getting the 5G versions of the Galaxy S20 and, as a result, Verizon won’t see the device for a little while because its network isn’t supported.

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Yesterday Samsung unveiled its latest collection of Android smartphones in the Galaxy S20 series. Interestingly, Samsung mentioned a statistic about its Galaxy users, stating that they’re waiting longer than ever to upgrade their phones.

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