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Kyle has formed an obsession with Google’s Fuchsia OS. He knows it’s going to be the next big thing, but also knows he has to prove that before others will believe it. When not writing about Fuchsia, he can often be found deep in the coal mines of Android and Chromium Gerrit or developing various side projects. He can be reached for tips or just friendly chat by Twitter or email. Kyle@9to5mac.com

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Last year, Google and Lenovo partnered to launch a developer competition to create new clock faces for the Lenovo Smart Clock using Google’s cross-platform Flutter SDK. Today, the winners were announced, showcasing not only the developers’ capabilities but also those of Flutter.

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Google’s flagship Pixel 3 and Pixel 4 phones both have extra features exclusively used when docked on the official Google Pixel Stand wireless charger. Google is preparing to launch another such feature for the Pixel Stand in version 1.4.0 of the companion app, bringing convenient smart home controls via the Google Home app. expand full story

February 24

With Google constantly pushing for the “Next Billion Users,” there’s great need for web apps to run well on all devices and have good accessibility, and Google has provided the Lighthouse auditing tools to help developers accomplish that. To put Lighthouse in the hands of more web developers, Google has released it as a new Mozilla Firefox extension.

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As it stands, to play Google Stadia on your phone you need to connect a game controller via USB or Bluetooth, but what if you’re in a pinch and all you have is your phone? An indie developer has created TouchStadia, a way to play Stadia with on-screen controls from any Android phone via Google Chrome.

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February 22

In this week’s top stories: a retracted report suggested Verizon would stop carrying the Google Pixel line, the “Pixel 5” appeared in the Android Open Source Project, Pixel Buds briefly offered for pre-order at a retailer, and more.

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February 21

Of the growing list of discovered features in Android 11 Developer Preview 1, one area that Google seems to be putting a focus on is the notification shade and especially its Quick Settings area. One such discovered change is the ability to individually recolor your Quick Settings tiles. Here’s how you can try it out on your own phone!

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February 20

While the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip went on sale shortly after the Galaxy Unpacked event, pre-orders for the Galaxy S20 were spaced out by a few weeks. As a reward for the patient, here are the many, many ways to pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S20 & S20+, and the best deals for each of them.

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Stadia games: MotoGP 20 coming to Google Stadia on April 23

Earlier this month, Milestone Srl released Monster Energy Supercross 3 bringing the excitement of off-road motorcycling to Google Stadia. Today, Milestone is following that game up with MotoGP 20 a full motorcycle Grand Prix racing simulator, releasing on all platforms including Google Stadia on April 23.

The Android 11 Developer Preview, as the name implies, is primarily intended to be an early preview of Android 11’s changes so developers can make their apps compatible long before it launches. However, sometimes upcoming Pixel-exclusive features leak through, as is the case with “Columbus” which lets you do things like invoking the Google Assistant with a double-tap on the back.

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Earlier this year, Google shared that they were aware of at least 120 games coming to Stadia over the course of 2020. While we’re still in the dark on most of them, today, the company has announced four more new titles, all from the “SteamWorld” series, will be arriving on Stadia.

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February 19

Stadia games: Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3, five more discounted for Stadia Pro [U]

Beyond the monthly free games and access to 4K 60FPS streaming, Stadia Pro offers its members exclusive discounts on games. Starting today, the Google Stadia store is putting a steep discount on Red Dead Redemption 2, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2Borderlands 3, and more.

For those of us on the Android 11 Developer Preview, if you open the Developer Options page, you’ll find a new option amidst various Bluetooth settings offering to “Enable Gabeldorsche.” Of course, that leaves a burning question of “What’s Gabeldorche?”

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The first Android 11 Developer Preview arrived for our Pixels today, bringing a variety of updates, and preparing for things to come in the later betas. In an example of the latter, the Google Pixel Launcher has been updated with references to a smart hotseat of app shortcuts and a back gesture tutorial.

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Google’s 2020 Pixel Buds are just around the corner, and while they’re slated to have solid battery life, sometimes you need just a little bit more play time. Phones like the Galaxy S10 and S20 have offered the ability to give a Qi wireless charge to other phones or to their Galaxy Buds line. It appears Google may also be developing this feature for the Pixel 5 under the name “Battery Share.”

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With each year’s upgrade to Android, folks are normally looking for exciting visual changes, and to an extent, Android 11 delivers, with the new Bubbles API and changes to conversation notifications. That said, a great deal more lies underneath the surface of Android 11, with Google putting significant focus on privacy and security.

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February 17

All-in-one Microsoft Office app now available on Android

If you do a lot of different kinds of document and office editing, it can be frustrating to constantly switch between applications to get things done. To counter this, Microsoft has launched an all-in-one Office application on Android that puts the best of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint under one roof.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only February and Pixel leak season has already begun. Today, a mention of the Google “Pixel 5” has appeared in the Android Open Source Project (AOSP).

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Arguably, the best feature of Android 10 is its dark mode toggle, allowing you to swap your phone and its apps over to a newer, darker theme. While not every app has a dark mode, Android 10 has a way to force apps to be dark. With a little help from a third-party app, DarQ, you can now change specific apps to use dark mode — and even schedule dark mode to be enabled — without needing root.

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February 15

In this week’s top stories: Google Maps rolls out a new design on Android and iOS, OnePlus phones set to pick up Google Assistant Ambient Mode, “Ultra Low Power mode” teased for Google Pixel phones, and more.

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February 14

Google Doodle honors Susan B. Anthony on her 200th birthday

On this day in 1820, women’s rights activist Susan B. Anthony was born in Massachusetts. To honor what would be her 200th birthday, Google is displaying a homepage doodle celebrating the ability for women to vote in the United States.

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