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Last November, Google Docs started testing autocorrect and Smart Compose as part of leveraging machine learning to improve user productivity. Those two features are now widely rolling out, though availability is tiered.

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Apps & Updates Yesterday

From writing and collaborating in Docs to using Search for research and Calendar to track due dates, Google products are extensively used by today’s students. With Socratic by Google, the company is trying to play a more active role in helping older students study.

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Apps & Updates February 15

Facebook Lite for Android picks up dark mode before the main app does

Dark mode has been rolling out to a lot of apps on Android since the system-wide toggle arrived last year, but there have been a few holdouts. One app that’s not picked up dark mode yet is Facebook, but its Lite counterpart has just added the functionality.

Apps & Updates February 13

Google’s Area 120 optimizing games for low-power devices, slow connections with GameSnacks

The Next Billion Users are coming online with low to mid-range devices and slow connections. Google is now working to bring gaming experiences that suit those conditions with Area 120 project GameSnacks.

Apps & Updates February 12

Google last week celebrated the 15th birthday of Maps with an icon redesign and by previewing several new features. The first of those to become widely available is an Android and iOS redesign.

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Instagram for Android prepares adding to Stories from native file picker

Instagram’s Android app often ends up lagging behind its iOS counterpart, but slowly features are catching up. Now, Jane Wong has found that Instagram for Android is preparing to enable adding content to Stories using the native file picker.

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