Poll February 20

Which Galaxy S20 color are you getting? I’m sold on Best Buy’s ‘Aura Blue’ [Poll]

Pre-orders for Samsung’s Galaxy S20 series go live in less than an hour and there’s a lot to be excited with the company’s latest set of devices. I’ve got Best Buy’s Galaxy S20 pre-order page ready and waiting, and it’s got me wondering what colors our readers are planning to pick up.

Android 11’s first developer preview launched way ahead of schedule yesterday and brought along with it a bunch of new changes and features. We’re expecting a lot more before the final release later this year, but based on what we’ve seen so far, what’s your favorite feature in Android 11?

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Poll February 19

Google Stadia’s launch was met with a lot of criticism, but a fair number of people ended up buying the Founder’s and Premiere Editions of the “console in the cloud.” Now, the free Stadia Pro trials that came with those bundles are starting to end and we’re wondering — will you keep paying for Google Stadia Pro?

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Poll February 14

Samsung’s second foldable hits the market today, and the new device gives us a lot to be excited about. So, are you going to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip?

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Poll February 12

Smartphone prices have been growing every single year, but $1,000 price tags don’t shock us as much anymore. This week, Samsung debuted the Galaxy S20 series with a premium price that starts at $999. The question is, is that too much?

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Poll February 10

We are on the precipice of the Galaxy S20 launch and that means many of you might be tempted — but are you going to buy one?

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