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Android 11 Stories February 24

Android 11 is breaking apps that modify navigation bar, unclear if intentional

Android 11 is still months from its final version, but the first Developer Preview has shown us a lot of what Google has in store. One potential casualty of Android 11, though, might be the apps that let you tweak or customize the navigation bar.

The Essential phone set to gain Android 11 Developer Preview support

Even with Essential as a company biting the dust, the firm confirmed that device support would end after the February 2020 security patch. Despite that, appears that we might see the Android 11 Developer Preview on the one and only Essential phone.

Android 11 Stories February 21

Of the growing list of discovered features in Android 11 Developer Preview 1, one area that Google seems to be putting a focus on is the notification shade and especially its Quick Settings area. One such discovered change is the ability to individually recolor your Quick Settings tiles. Here’s how you can try it out on your own phone!

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As part of the numerous deep dives into the Android 11 Developer Preview 1, there have been some notable tweaks, but not too many major changes. However, the new Personal Safety app that first appeared ahead of the Pixel 4 launch can now be sideloaded on older Pixel phones.

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Android 11 Stories February 20

The next big installment in our favorite smartphone operating system is coming and we have been delving into “Android 11 Developer Preview 1” to figure out what might be the top new features of the eleventh OS iteration.

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The Android 11 Developer Preview, as the name implies, is primarily intended to be an early preview of Android 11’s changes so developers can make their apps compatible long before it launches. However, sometimes upcoming Pixel-exclusive features leak through, as is the case with “Columbus” which lets you do things like invoking the Google Assistant with a double-tap on the back.

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