Google Maps Stories February 13

Microsoft on Tuesday hosted a developer day for its upcoming dual-screen devices. One live Surface Duo demo failed, but the company has since corrected it to show Google Maps taking advantage of the two displays.

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Google Maps Stories February 12

Google last week celebrated the 15th birthday of Maps with an icon redesign and by previewing several new features. The first of those to become widely available is an Android and iOS redesign.

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Google Maps Stories February 8

In this week’s top stories: an artist “hacks” Google Maps with no less than 99 cell phones to create fake traffic jams, Google files a trademark for a new operating system called “Pigweed,” a robot folds and unfolds the Motorola Razr to its inevitable demise, and more.

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Google Maps Stories February 7

This week, to celebrate its 15-year anniversary, Google gave Maps a refresh with a new app design and a new logo. Immediately after its announcement, Google started rolling out the Maps icon to all platforms and response has been… well, a bit mixed. What do you think of the new Google Maps logo?

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Google Maps Stories February 6

Google Maps is celebrating its 15th birthday this week, and in addition to a revamped logo and app, new features are coming, too. In the coming months, Google Maps will add new public transit features and upgrade its “Live View” AR tool.

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Google Maps is 15 years old this week and, in its time mapping this Earth, the service has become one of the most powerful and popular mapping applications. To celebrate its birthday, Google Maps is getting a redesigned app on mobile and a brand new logo too.  expand full story

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