Google Podcasts Stories March 25

Google Podcasts has been built out in beta on Android and the web over the past several months, and now it’s getting some big updates. Today, Google is releasing an official Google Podcasts app on iOS as it officially reveals a redesign for the service.

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Google Podcasts Stories March 21

We’ve been tracking a significant redesign of Google’s Podcasts app on Android for the past several weeks. The “new Google Podcasts” is now beginning to roll out for some users and it brings highly-awaited features like episode auto-downloading.

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Google Podcasts Stories February 6

Since last March, there’s been a roundabout way to access Google Podcasts online with episode playback positions from your phone and Assistant devices synced. Google Podcasts on the web now has a homepage with search and recommendations.

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Google Podcasts Stories January 29

Late last year, we enabled the early stages of a Google Podcasts revamp that includes a bottom bar and built-in queue. A month later with Google app 10.94, it’s been iterated on further with more functionality revealing just what is different.

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Google Podcasts Stories January 28

[Update: Fixed] Latest Google Podcasts beta breaks casting episodes

The latest Podcasts beta introduces a number of visual tweaks throughout the app, while adding the ability to share episodes with a timestamp. However, the current Google Podcasts release introduces a bug that breaks casting episodes.

Google Podcasts Stories January 21

Google in recent weeks has updated Podcasts with a number of tweaks, including a Material Theme account switcher and dark theme. The latest Google Podcasts beta adds timestamp sharing while cleaning up the player interface.

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