Stadia is a streaming service that leverages Google’s vast cloud infrastructure to deliver AAA games over the web without needing specialized hardware. This ambitious effort follows in the footsteps of the company’s other large platforms: Search, Chrome, and Android.

Google hopes to bring this form of entertainment to the next billion gamers by removing various limitations that exist today. All that’s required to play Stadia is the Google Chrome browser that’s available on any entry laptop or desktop. The service is also available on Android phones and televisions through the Chromecast Ultra dongle.

The service requires at least a 10Mbps internet connection for 720p quality at 60FPS and Stereo sound. Double that connection provides 1080p with HDR video and 5.1 Surround sound, while 35Mbps is needed for 4K resolution. This consumes between 4.5GB to 20GB of data per hour of gaming.

Google is leveraging the data centers and networking infrastructure already in place to power its existing cloud services. The actual Stadia hardware consists of custom Intel CPUs and AMD GPUs that are more powerful than the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro at 10.7 teraflops of performance.

To get the most out of the service, Stadia Pro is required. For $9.99 per month, you can play games in 4K graphics and receive a free title roughly every month — the first being Destiny 2: The Collection.

Google Stadia Stories February 14

The launch of Google Stadia was handled poorly. Well, who am I kidding, it was basically a dumpster fire of missing features and miscommunicationHowever, the tech behind Stadia is still solid, and it offers a lot of promise for the future. With reports of the PlayStation 5 price being significantly higher, I think Stadia might be a perfect answer to that huge console investment.

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It shouldn’t come as a surprise, but Google isn’t forcing its early Stadia adopters to keep paying for the Pro membership should they decide to cancel. If you do pull the plug on your membership, Google will strip some games from your account, but you’ll be able to keep using the service for free.

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Google Stadia Stories February 13

To an extent, each gaming console or platform is judged by its library and especially its exclusives. To that end, Google is announcing five more games coming soon to Stadia including three “First on Stadia” games.

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Google Stadia Stories February 7

Both Microsoft and Sony are getting into the video game streaming business. Google Stadia and Xbox Project xCloud both look like rather similar offerings on the surface, but are they?

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Google Stadia Stories February 5

Microsoft’s Xbox has been one of the dominant gaming platforms for a long time now, but times are changing and a lot of focus is shifting to cloud-based platforms. With just a few months to go until launching its next Xbox, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said he views Google Stadia and Amazon as the company’s “main” competition.

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Google Stadia Stories February 4

Every week, Google offers a recap of the biggest happenings in its library of games. Today, a new game, Monster Energy Supercross 3, has released on the Stadia Store, alongside two major updates arriving for Destiny 2 and Mortal Kombat 11.

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