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Google Stories February 21

Google today began alerting users of a planned update to its terms of service (ToS) on March 31. There are four primary changes dealing with “improved readability” and “better communication,” as well as adding Chrome/OS and Google Drive to the ToS. According to the company, there are now changes to its Privacy Policy.

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Google Stories February 20

Google shifting UK user data to US, ditching GDPR protection in the process

GDPR has had a huge effect on how internet services work in the European Union, but following Brexit, Google may make some changes to how UK data is handled. A report from Reuters reveals that Google is preparing to shift data from UK users to be under US jurisdiction.

Last year, Google announced that it had plans to acquire the popular wearable maker Fitbit, something that’s raised both hope and concern from users. This week, the European Data Protection Board is raising flags regarding Google’s Fitbit acquisition, calling it a privacy risk.

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Google Stories February 17

Dedicated Google app dark mode now available to all beta testers

The rollout of dark mode to all of the first-party Google apps has been reasonably steady, with some notable exclusions and setbacks.

Google Stories February 14

Being the biggest Android OEM, Samsung and Google are generally close partners. Google’s Project Zero, though, is tasked with finding bugs and security exploits. This week, Google is calling out Samsung for an issue on the Galaxy A50, specifically mentioning Samsung’s “unnecessary changes” to Android’s core kernel.

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Earlier this year, the Google app rolled out a new menu where you can volunteer to test out new features in the app. The latest of these Labs has brought Google Doodles to the home screen search widget of more Android phones, once a Pixel exclusive feature.

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