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Wear OS is Google’s wearable platform which is designed to run on watches. It’s based on a modified version of Android, designed by Google, and used on many third-party smartwatches.

Google’s Wear OS was first announced in 2014 under the name Android Wear and has since been renamed and redesigned. The platform is designed to run applications, deliver notifications, and allow users to keep up with their digital lives directly from their watch.

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Google Assistant is a key Wear OS feature

Wear OS powers a ton of different smartwatches from many different manufacturers. Fossil is the biggest brand in the space with its sub-brands Skagen, Misfit, and others making some of the most attractive Wear OS watches. Mobvoi, a Chinese company with investment from Google, also produces its TicWatch products using Wear OS. High-end brands such as Louis Vuitton, Tag Heuer, Montblanc, and others have also used Wear OS.

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In recent years, Google’s focus with Wear OS has allowed the platform to function more on its own compared to in years past. LTE watches have been released, and better specifications have also helped fix performance complaints. Pricing on Wear OS watches varies from model to model, but some models cost under $200 with most of our favorites being around $300.

You can read more on Wear OS, the latest news about the platform and its apps, below.

Wear OS Stories February 16

The strength of Google’s Wear OS platform isn’t the software itself, but rather the huge collection of hardware available to use it on. For a while, Skagen’s Falster 2 was one of the best Wear OS designs, but it struggled due to its specifications. With the Skagen Falster 3, there’s a huge upgrade in that department which makes one of the best looking Wear OS smartwatches one of the best across the board.

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Wear OS Stories February 12

The ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch brings a high-end finish to Wear OS for $295

We have always touted the wealth of designs and form factors as one of the core strengths of Wear OS. The latest addition is the ToryTrack Tory Smartwatch from designer Tory Burch.

Wear OS Stories February 3

Unlike Android, Google’s Wear OS is pretty locked down to OEM customization, but thankfully, apps and watchfaces can help make one watch unique when compared to others. For the past several weeks, I’ve been able to see through my wife’s usage how the Kate Spade Sport pushes customization on Wear OS better than any other watch I’ve seen.

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Wear OS Stories January 29

Google’s Wear OS platform has gotten a bit better over the past few years, but as with any software, bugs can happen. Recently, the Fossil Sport picked up an update to Wear OS H and it’s causing problems with the always-on display for many users.

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Wear OS Stories January 17

[Update: Fixed] Latest Google app beta breaks Assistant on Wear OS

Just before the holidays last month, a Google app beta disabled the new Assistant on Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL. Another beta bug today breaks Google Assistant on Wear OS.

Throughout the life of Google’s ambitions with smartwatches, perhaps the most iconic release has been the Moto 360. From its first-generation that caught everyone’s attention, to the second which, well — didn’t — the Moto 360 has been the one Wear OS watch everyone seemed to love. Now, in 2020, the Moto 360 is back, and it’s a serious contender for Wear OS’ best offering. Here’s what you need to know.

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